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The College Success Plan

The College Success Plan Book (Available on Amazon)

You can buy The College Success Plan™  book at 25% Off by using the discount code: XA2YKEMW

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Note: To get the 25% Discount, you MUST enter this code into the "discount coupon" box of the shopping cart.  Simply create an account with CreateSpace (a branch of Amazon), and enter the code.  If you prefer to order directly from AMAZON instead, click hereAmazon will not provide a 25% discount.

The College Success Plan™  book or ebook is packed with tips and information on career planning, resume writing, college planning, scholarships, financial aid, and much, much more.  Filled with daily exercises to keep teens focused on creating their own blueprint for college and beyond, this book serves as a great resource for both teens and their parents.  Whether it is used alone or with the guidance of a parent or mentor, The College Success Plan™  is guaranteed to help teens understand more about themselves, their goals, their options for the future, and the steps they need to attend a college of their dreams!


Choose from Two Different Book Formats:

1.  Ebook  (PDF) Option

Only $9.99, this option is great for computer savvy students that wish to read and fill out their exercises by using their desktop, laptop, or tablet computers.  (Students can even read the book on their way to school with most smartphones!)  Please read the simple download directions here before purchasing the ebook.


2.  Book (Paperback) Option

Only $17.99, this option is great for students that wish to use this book like a textbook or their own written journal.  The pages are large, allowing ample space for students to write in answers to their plan.  You can buy it here, or buy it on AMAZON (eligible for FREE Super Saver Shipping)!



"Annette Bosley-Boyce's The College Success Plan™ fills a long-standing void among college prep guides.  With many useful and fun exercises and worksheets throughout, she provides college-bound students with a career plan for proactively ensuring college success—all in her encouraging, knowledgeable voice.  In distilling the college application process into a straightforward four-week plan, she has managaged to turn what is often a drawn-out, nerve-wracking endeavor into a simple, but exciting process of self-discovery."  Traci Maynigo  A Girl's Guide to College